Best Electric Bikes 2018 Review and Buying Guides

Gas prices along with pollution, Global Warming, and Ozone depletion are forcing people to find alternatives to fossil fuels. The Best electric Bikes or e-Bike is one such solution. Speedy, and charges up with electricity in a few hours and runs without polluting and raising your carbon footprint, they also are economical and cost very little to operate.

This makes them ideal for the commute to work in a town, the train station, and for the urban dweller to get around as well. So let’s see what Amazon offers us in the form of the best in electric Bike technology.

Some considerations you need to look

Here are some things you want to think about before you buy an e-Bike and put your money on it. Some of the e-Bikes today are expensive and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Powerful Motor

200W-500W you are looking for, as they will give you speeds up to 20 miles per hour. They also can handle people from average weight to in some case weighing 350 pounds. The pedals and the strength of your leg muscles can also assist the motor. However, most like to rely on the motor only and use the pedals only to give a sprint of speed to get through a tight jam.

A Heavy Duty Battery

This major component will decide how far you will get. Try to get one of the new generation batteries, as they are more durable, lighter, and hold more juice than ever before. Along with that, they CARE faster as well.

You want this to have your e-Bike ready to go by the time you have to go to work in the morning.

A top-notch gear train

The gear train can add another 10-20 miles on your cruising range as it beefs up the speed and saves on power by assisting everything along. You, of course, don’t need to do this and you will get anywhere from 20-38 miles on the battery alone these days.

Range and speed that gets you there and back again

This is usually in the 20-mile minimum to 50 maximum using battery and pedal power. This can now be done with the advances of battery, motor, and the gearing system. Try to get a Shimano gear train in 7, 8, or 21 gear sets. These will add to the range of the e-Bike, take some of the load off the motor, and save on electricity.

Five Recommended Electric Bikes

Today, we have found for you 5 of the best e-Bikes that are available on Amazon today and from them, you can select the one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

So let’s see what Amazon offers us in the form of the best in electric Bike technology.

e-Joe Electric Bike Review

e-Joe Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Folding Bike

X-Treme Electric Scooters For Men's

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Electric Mountain Bike

Prodeco Phantom X2

Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle

Pedego City Commuter Classic

Pedego City Commuter Classic

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer 36V 250W Electric Mountain Bike

Speed: 20 mph Speed: 20 mph Speed: 20 mph Speed: 20 mph Top Speed: 30 mph
Weight: 42LBS Weight: 60 lbs Weight: 54LBS Weight: 60 lbs Weight: 60 lbs
Frame : aluminum Frame aluminium Frame : aluminum alloy Frame : 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame : 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Battery: 36V13 LG Battery Voltage: 24 volts Battery : 36V Battery Voltage: 48 volts Battery Voltage: 48 volts
Gearing : 7-speed Gearing Details: 7 speed Gearing Details: 8-speed Gearing Details: 7 speed Gearing Details: 7 speed
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e-Joe Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Bicycle Electric Folding Bike

Editor Ratings :

e-Joe Electric Bike Review

You can now get an electric bike that now can be recharged via a dual source from a combo solar or USB charger.

This then is the newest way to get a bike charged up and is street legal as well. You can now speed down the road at 20 MPH and that gets you to where you have to go with style and ease that wouldn’t use a cent of gas or raise your carbon foot print and it’s all green technology to boot.

A foldable e-Bike that gets you from here to there comfortably and at a pretty good clip as well, The battery and motor are the latest thing out and will take you longer on a charge than ever before. The gearing makes it a smooth ride as you can shift and pedal to get the best speed and save electricity during your trip as well.

350W Rated with 550W Peak Rear Brushless geared hub motor

This motor is the latest thing in electric propulsion you can see in the picture this bike is now sleeker than the previous model and that’s because the motor is more powerful and weighs less than the one it weighs replaces. It also makes better use of electricity and that means the battery goes longer as well.

So now, you have an e-bike that goes further, faster, and uses less power as well. This means you go more places and charge less.

16000 mAh Power Bank

Also revamped for 2017 to give you more power per charge than ever before, the 8-speed charges faster and holds it longer giving you a longer ride at a lower cost per charge as well. You now have the advantage of advances in the new batteries of today.

This makes this e-bike a better buy than the 2016 version and that puts more money back into your pocketbook and saves you on your electric bill throughout 2017 as well.

Shimano Rear Derailleur RD-TX55

You now have the power to shift gears smoothly and you can take advantage of how easily you can go up a hill and with the gears chosen for this bike you have a selection of gear ratios that put less stress on the motor and save the amount of electricity you are using.

By using this Rear Derailleur, you take advantage of one of the latest advances in bike technology available today. You get there quicker and you save on your charging costs along with better performance all around.

Folds into a small package to take on the train and buses for longer distances

The secret to this e-Bike is the fact it folds so you can take it anywhere. Whether you want to drive in your car to a favorite scenic spot and then ride around seeing the sites or you can ride from your train to your office to save wear and tear on your feet.

But, what is really where this e-Bike shines is when you ride it to the train station and leave the car at home. You save on your parking expenses.

  • Charges up in only 4 hours
  • It comes charged ready to go, right out of the box. You could slap on the seat and ride it right out of the box
  • ​With the pedal assist an average sized person could get around 55 miles of it easy
  • Not made for hefty people that weigh in at 200+ pounds
  • Got the wrong charger, but the support lady got it straighten out quick and I had the new one delivered almost immediately
Highlighted Features
  • A battery that wouldn’t quit for anything
  • A maximum power motor that will propel you for miles with ease
  • One of the lightest foldable e-Bikes you can get

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Good little e-Bike that has spunk and saves wear and tear on your feet, It can go a good ways before being charge and you can even charge it from the sun if you wish. All this adds up to a great buy in anyone’s book.

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

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X-Treme Electric Scooters For Men

​Mountain bikes have gone electric and you can have one of your very own. The Trail Maker’s Lithium Ion Battery gives this e-Bike its maximum power, at a low cost, when it needs recharging

What’s more, it features a Shimano gear shifter along with the same in a set of tourney gears that give you max performance whether you are on the battery or pedaling the old fashion way.

Gears that make your riding a pleasure rather than a chore

If you decide to forgo the battery while you are exploring mountain trails you have the gears that get the job done in an elegant manner that shift easily and have the ratios for smooth pedaling along the way.

When you decide to kick in the electric motor these same gears get out of the way and you conserve on your muscle power as electricity that lets you get more millage and save on legs as well.

Invest in a Power cube also available on Amazon you can charge from the sun and save on your charging bill as well.

300 watts drive motor

300 watts drive your rear hub motor to a speed that in the 19th century was considered too fast for a human being to travel at 20 miles per hour. Now it gets you to your favorite venues with an ease you never thought possible.

You buzz around town and on your way to you favorite places where you want to test your mountain biking skills and when you combine the two, you can go 25 miles or more simply and without a care in the world.

Your L-Ion battery is one of the latest on the market today

You now get more amps per charge than ever, which propels you at faster speeds and for a longer duration per charge than batteries that were available only just a year or two ago. This also means you’ll save cash on your charging costs as well. That means this e-Bike is even more economical than ever before.

You get better performance, lower operating costs, and an e-Bike that is faster than ever before

Add to that all this combines into and eco-friendly alternative to driving or riding a motorcycle.

You have become totally Green. You aren’t putting out any greenhouse gasses or affecting global warming or hurting the Ozone Layer as this e-Bike is benign to earth, air, and water.

You can even charge it from the sun as we mentioned earlier as well. So now, you can have it all. You have a mountain bike that gives you exercise bike experience and excitement, electric power for when you want to commute from here to there and do so without damaging the environment in the process.

  • The perfect balance of practicality, versatility, economically, and is eco-friendly as well
  • Run it with just the battery or add to the speed with the pedals. It’s all up to you
  • Supports a full grown adult up to 350 pounds
  • Dud battery that they replaced quickly
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual but it is pretty easy to figure out
Highlighted Features
  • 300 Watt motor for power
  • One of the best batteries out there
  • Shimano gear train which is second to none

Reviewer’s Thoughts

This e-Bike is a good addition to the e-Bike community that covers those who like to ride mountain bikes. The motor can take the load by itself and you can do without and do it the old fashion way or use both together for an added speed assist.

Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle

Editor Ratings :

Prodeco Phantom X2

An e-Bike that gives you 38 miles of travel and only takes a little over 5 hours to charge up, this gets you ready to hit the road at 20 miles an hour to go shopping or commute around town.

You have the power of a 500W motor that drives it all by itself or you can help with eight gears of pedal power as well. This, in addition, gives you added speed and range that can take you to 50 or more miles with ease.

Designed like a mountain Bike but…

It absorbs road shock like a touring bike. This gives you the best of all worlds. The bike is lightweight and wouldn’t tire you out if you decide to save on the battery and pedal for a while.

You can get anywhere faster at 20 MPH than a car as you don’t have to fight traffic going and comings this all adds up to an e-Bike that fits your needs for basic transportation and gets you back and forth simply and easily.

A long life battery gets you where you want to go

The range has stopped many from switching to e-Bikes. However, with this e-Bike that is no longer a problem as it gives you 38 Miles of range without even touching the pedals. If you use them, you can get almost twice that. This also means you can go farther between having to charge its battery up.

In addition, even that is a cinch as it goes from dead to full charge in 5.5 hours and that means you come home at night and be ready for and early morning start with a full charge.

A powerful motor takes you down the road

Many e-Bikes only give you a 300-350W motor. The V5 gives you 500. This gives you the power to spare and you don’t have to fight your way uphill and strain yourself in the process having to resort to using the pedals.

This motor will take you to the top on any hill with the possible exception of Everest. When it is all said and done, you have the power you need that would put an excessive drain on the battery.

Great for getting to and from a campus as well as getting to classes

If your commute to school from town you can travel easily up to 10 – 15 miles both ways with enough juice left to take you from class to class as well. This makes this an e-Bike that a student will fall in love with. You have decent speed without using the pedals and if you need that extra bit of speed with an 8-speed drivetrain is waiting to help you out with ease.

So, if you have a student going from High School to college this makes a more practical graduation gift than a car and saves on the high cost of gas and insurance as well.

  • Great for round trip commuting to the bus or train station
  • Gives you the range to make it a viable alternative to driving a car downtown
  • ​Lets you save on the high cost associated with driving
  • Fast enough to get you anywhere you need and is comfortable to ride as well
  • Really would like a rear rack. I’ve since been told that this is in the offing soon
  • The gear shift is mounted on the left and takes a bit to get used to
Highlighted Features
  • Long life battery
  • Lets you commute to work or school easily as it has the range
  • The motor gets you there and back again in style

Reviewer’s Thoughts

One of the nicest e-Bikes this reviewer has seen that will take you most anywhere you want. The battery charges fast and will provide enough power to last out the day. Add the 8 speed drive train and you can get pretty much anywhere you need to be and at a fairly decent clip in the process.

So, this reviewer feels this is a breakout e-Bike and is one of the next generation of e-Bikes that may become more in use across the board by mainstream America, as they are in general use now in Europe and Asia.

Pedego City Commuter Classic

Editor Ratings :

Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

A best seller in days past and still one of the best of the hybrids between human power and electric power as well. You have the classic touring styling and now add to that an electric motor and you can get about 40-50 miles out of a single battery charge. That’s what sells most people on this particular model.

That and the comfort with which you can get around town, So when it’s said and done you want a good range for commuting and comfort while doing it and this e-Bike delivers in all categories with ease.


You can get around town with style and panache. You also have the endurance that says you can get where you are going and get home without taking the charger along to top everything off when you get there.

Next, you can switch over to a refined pedal system with a smooth shifting gear train that helps when you want a sprint of speed to get through a tight jam on the roadway or at an intersection.

But, with both battery and pedal, you can go out on the town with elegance and style.

A truly beautiful piece of workmanship

This e-Bike harkens to the day when things looked beautiful and were functional as well. With the “Classic”, you have an e-Bike that will turn heads as they are not sure you are pedaling or running on silent electric power. You can smile as they stare and nod your head as you casually and comfortably make your way into work or the train station for your daily commute from the suburbs to the city.

If you ride in the town you live, you can ride this e-Bike and know it looks like it belongs in any venue you are going to.

It brings fun to riding again

Many of the new bikes out there are uncomfortable and take a lot of effort to ride. That’s because they are not made for the shape of today’s riders and are made for smaller people from third world nations. The Pedego is sized for you and with either pedals or the electric motor propels you swiftly along to reach your goal

It does so in absolute comfort and has style and elegance while doing it. This also does it without straining your legs even if you are pedaling only as the gears are selected for comfort as well as to supplement the battery power.


As you might expect from a company like Pedego you expect only quality in the materials they put into this e-Bike along with the artisanship that their craftsmen have used to assemble the components in a fusion of riding pleasure along with the practical need to get around.

They have exceeded these goals as you have an e-Bike that can’t be matched except with e-Bikes that are much more expensive.

So taking all this together, you have one of the finest e-Bikes that you can get from Amazon today.

  • Great mileage and I look good while getting there
  • Going from point A to B used to be boring. Now I sprint along the road at 20 MPH and get to where I need to be in record time
  • Comfort is the name of the game to me and this is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden whether electric or otherwise
  • A bit pricey but worth every penny of it
  • The charger came in DOA but was quickly replaced by the vendor
Highlighted Features
  • Classic design for commuting and touring
  • Great Range
  • ​Quality in manufacture and materials
  • It’s fun to ride even when going to work or school
  • A battery that wouldn’t let you down

Reviewer’s Thoughts

One of the most comfortable e-Bikes ever, you can ride from here to Timbuktu without a care in the world. The seat is made for riding along with the handlebars as well. You have a touring bike that has the advantage of extended range and power when you need it.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Editor Ratings :

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike Review

This is the Crème Del la Crème in German technology along with a German engineered 250W motor. You have a 21 Speed Shimano gearing system and shifter that helps you get out to where you can hit the mountain trails or just get on with your daily commute.

The extra power that this e-Bike’s battery puts out gives you 50 km of travel without any effort on your part.

German engineering through and through

This gives you a motor guaranteed to last. This makes this e-Bike one of the best e-bikes around. It extends through the frame, wheels, and the gearing system. You have the best in German craftsmanship that now comes to e-Bikes.

You will never be caught in a lurch as the e-Bike will get you there and bank without a hitch and the wheels would quit even in a hard rain or slip in the slightest as well. You have the best and you can tell by just looking at it.

A super battery

Your battery charges up in 5-6 hours and puts out enough electricity that lets you commute to work if you live in the city or downtown. This provides you with hours of power to travel almost 50 km with style and you wouldn’t lose any speed in the process. It is reliable, wouldn’t let you down when you need it most, and even works well in wet weather as well.

You can’t find a battery better design with hard use in mind.

Alloy wheels

The wheels you have on this e-Bike are made to take mountain trails with ease. They also do double duty as they can take on city streets without a whimper as well. You know city streets are famous for pothole and other natural obstacles. Well, your wheels can turn on a dime and since this is a mountain e-Bike, you can jump them with ease.

They would lose traction either as they have a non-slip tread that lets you get a grip on wet pavement, gravel and even mud with ease.

21-speed gear train

Shimano puts out the best drive trains in the business. Most e-Bikes have a 7 or 8-gear drive trains. You have a 21 gear gearing system designed to take anything you’ll ever face while riding. Add to that the power of the 250W motor and you are impervious to becoming tired and not reaching your final destination with an elegant style that only German engineering and Shimano combine to give you.

  • The best e-Bike that you can buy
  • It comes with everything you need and you finish up the assembly in no time
  • Great road and off the road handling
  • With a 5/18 Allen wrench, you never have to worry about any pedal problems
  • 36V 250W Lithium-Ion Battery
  • The light could be positioned better as it butts up against the batter and is susceptible to being banged about.
  • Tie wraps can take care of that though
Highlighted Features
  • 250 Watt German electric motor that is powerful
  • A battery that propels it and you anywhere
  • ​Alloy Aluminum wheels
  • ​21 Shimano gear train
  • Nonslip tire tread

Reviewer’s Thoughts

When you want an economical as well as a well-built e-bike or anything else for that matter, you need to turn to the Germans. This reviewer stands behind that statement and this e-Bike is a prime example why this is true. It handles mountain trails and speeds you along at 20 MPH as well.

You have a sturdy frame and a gear train with 21 gears to go with it. There is a minor drawback with the light but is easily correctable. Other this e-Bike takes you wherever and whenever the mood takes you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 of the best electric Bikes you can buy today. We hope you enjoyed our review and now you have only to choose the one that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Our choice goes with the e-Joe Epic as it has a battery and a motor that goes beyond the others even our runner-up from Germany. It also folds which make it versatile in a world where you have to adapt to a changing world.

You then with a couple of clicks of your mouse can buy the e-Joe or have the one of your choice at your door in less time than it takes to tell and then you can take part of the e-Bike fun as well as reaping the savings that an electric bike provides

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