Best Tricycle for 2 Year Old In 2018 | Guide & Reviews

One of the most classic toys that young children play with is the tricycle. When it comes to two year old, tricycles are a way to have fun and improve motor skills. There is a seemingly endless array of trikes on the market, which leaves some parents confused about the best model to get.The truth is, there’s no one perfect bike that will suit every toddler in existence, but there are a select group of tricycles that will meet the needs of most kids. The best tricycle for 2 year old are not only high quality and well built, they’ll also grow with your child and help them learn how to have fun while riding.

How To Choose the Best Tricycle for a 2 Year Old

​Here are some of the key things you should consider when picking out the best tricycle for your 2 year old.

Size Matters

Toddlers don’t all come built the same way, as some are much taller and physically developed than others. On the flip side, if your 2 year old is on the smaller or shorter side, you’ll want to choose a trike height that will suit them.

  • Don’t go with a one size fits all approach. Choose a tricycle that has the ability to be shortened or lengthened, or pick one that’s appropriate for your child’s height.
  • Instead of guessing, measure your child’s height for the best possible fit before ordering trikes online.

Think of Style

If your child likes a certain cartoon character, try to find a trike that features it — this will get her more excited about learning to ride. The same goes with colors, patterns, and features, such as bells and streamers. The more interest your 2 year old has in the tricycle, the more he’ll want to ride it.

Developmental Skills

Some children are stronger and more physically able than others, so they’ll need a tricycle that will challenge them without being too touch to handle. If your child’s physical development isn’t as advanced, get a trike that will help her grow stronger. Models that make it easy for parents to assist in riding are good options in this case.

Other Considerations

The aforementioned points are very important things to consider when buying a tricycle for your toddler, but safety is one of the most essential things of all. Look for a model that has built in safety features to prevent tipping over or accidents as your child is learning to ride.

Recommended Best Tricycle for 2 Year Olds

​The following 10 models are the ones that I feel are the best tricycles that you can buy for 2 year olds. Each is built well, safe, and your child will surely enjoy learning to ride them.

Little Tikes 3 in 1 Trike | Best Tricycle Under 150 Dollars

Little Tikes 3 in 1 Trike Red

Editor Ratings :

This pretty purple tricycle is a good choice if you need something that will grow along with your 2 year old.

It has an adjustable seat and features three stages: one where you can push the child, another where you can guide your rider at a distance, and a third stage where the child rides on her own.

Cute extras include a cup holder and storage bucket will allow your toddler to take her favorite sippy cup and lovey along for the ride. Because of its many positions, your child can use this tricycle until she’s 3 or 4 years old.

Features at a glance:
  • Strong metal construction
  • 4 adjustable seat positions that will fit most 2 year olds
  • ​5-point harness belt and protective bar for safety
  • Detachable push handle that adjusts for your height and lets you guide your child.

Radio Flyer 2 in 1 Trike | Best Folding Tricycles

Radio Flyer 2 in 1 TricycleEditor Ratings :

This classic tricycle is from Radio Flyer, a well trusted and reliable company. Aside from backing by the Radio Flyer name, this bike has many advantages including a color scheme that will work well for boys and girls, a sporty style, and a very tough design.

This is the trike to choose if your child likes to get a bit rough with his toys, or if you plan to let your 2 year old ride on bumpy terrain.

It has a two in one design — Trike Mode and Chopper Mode — as well as an adjustable seat back.

Features at a glance:
  • Seat back with 3 adjustable positions
  • Gender neutral, bright red color
  • ​Two in one design with Trike Mode for 2 to 4 year olds, and Chopper mode for 4 to 7 year olds.

Radio Flyer Twist Trike

Radio Flyer Twist TrikeEditor Ratings :

Another great model from Radio Flyer is the Twist Trike, which sports a great classic design. It’s a basic trike that’s easy to use, but it will also grow along with your toddler.

This tricycle has excellent controls and stability, including when your 2 year old starts learning how to do turns.

The color scheme is a vibrant red, yellow, and blue, so it’s perfect whether your child is a boy or a girl.

Features at a glance:
  • Can be used as a trike or a chopper. The Twist n’ Lock part of the bike allows you to easily transform it.
  • Adjust able seat to allow for varying heights. As your toddler grows, move the seat for a perfect fit.
  • ​Has a controlled turning radius for better control and confidence while learning to ride
  • Trike has a molded construction for durability and safety.

Angeles Chariot | Tricycle with Big Back Carrier

Angeles Chariot Tricycle

Editor Ratings :

Looking for a unique tricycle that stands out from the ordinary?

This model from Angeles is the best tricycle for 2 year old if you want a trike that is comfortable, gender neutral, but with a distinctive design.

The neat thing about this trike is that it has a patented seat that allows kids of different ages to ride — if you want to save money and get a bike that will work well as your child grows, this is a good investment.

The tires on this model are particularly sturdy, as they have a spokeless design. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about assembling the Angeles Chariot because it ships completely assembled — it’s awesome for gift giving or if you simply don’t like hassling with tools.

Features at a glance:
  • Fully assembled and ready out of the box
  • Very sturdy frame made of steel
  • ​Spokeless, solid tires for greater safety and stability
  • Works well as your child grows older.

Morgan Cycle Hot Rod Retro Trike

Morgan Cycle Hot Rod Retro TricycleEditor Ratings :

Does your 2 year old like pretending to ride a motorcycle?

This tricycle is tops if you want a design that’s super cool and will grab the attention of your toddler. Boys will love the black frame with a striking flame design, and chopper loving little girls will fancy this model as well.

The Morgan Cycle Hot Rod Retro Trike not only looks great, it’s rough and tough and will definitely hold up to years of play.

The leather seat is comfortable, and having solid rubber tires adds to the look and quality of this model. To top it off, this tricycle has a little LED headlight that will make your child feel like he’s on a real chopper.

Features at a glance:
  • Great graphics and design
  • Comfy leatherette seat with padding
  • ​Rubber tires that are sturdy and solid
  • ​LED headlight powered by batteries
  • Large front wheel that’s 12 inches.

Morgan Cycle Lavender Retro Trike

Morgan Cycle Morgan Lavender Retro Editor Rating :

If you adore the style of the Morgan trike with flames, but you’d prefer a more feminine design for your 2 year old daughter, this option is perfect.

It still sports a larger 12 inch front wheel and has an old school feel, but the trike is clad in a lavender coating that’s very pretty.

Ribbon streamers in shades of purple coming from the handlebars adds an extra touch of glam that your little girl will love.

This tricycle has a nice leatherette seat, rubber tires, and a cool logo near the back wheels. Parents who want a trike that looks good and is made of very high quality materials will definitely be interested in this model.

Features at a glance:
  • Lovely lavender color scheme, great for little girls
  • Frame entirely made of steel for durability
  • ​Padded leatherette seat
  • ​Sturdy, solid rubber tires
  • LED battery powered headlight for extra fun.

Fisher Price Pink Smart Trike | Best Tricycle For 1 Year Old

Fisher Price Pink Smart TrikeEditor Ratings :

A wonderful trike for little ladies is the Fisher Price Pink Smart Trike.

So many 2 year old girls are into pink, and if that’s the case for your daughter she’ll instantly take to this model.

The entire trike is clad in pink with white accents, but it looks attractive.

Things that parents tend to love about this model include its versatility, safe wheels, and retractable handle.

The trike also contains non-slip pedals, a high back support, and a footrest for those toddlers who aren’t ready to push themselves. A canopy over the top of the trike and a storage bin attached to the back add convenience.

Features at a glance:
  • Color great for girls who love pink
  • Very safe, with a 3-point harness, non-slip pedals, and wide grip handle
  • ​High back support and a retractable foot rest for smaller toddlers
  • ​Can be used by kids younger than 2 and up to 3 years old
  • Includes a storage bin, cup holder, and canopy.

Tauki 12 Inch Kids Tricycle

Tauki 12 Inch Kids TricycleEditor Ratings:

If you prefer a tricycle that looks more like a bike, the Tauki 12 Inch Kids Tricycle will probably strike your interest.

It has a very sleek look — this is the model to choose if you want your 2 year old to have a trike that fits in with his older siblings’ bikes.

It’s available in bright pink or blue, and has a handy basket attached to the front as well as one on the back.

Not only is this bike durable, it has an adjustable seat and handlebar to ensure a comfortable ride and better safety.

This is one of the few trikes around that includes a hand brake.

Features at a glance:
  • Comes in pink or blue, and the paint coating is very durable
  • Patterned rubber wheels and air inflated tires
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • ​Very strong frame for safety
  • ​Has a hand brake
  • ​Includes a free inflator
  • Good for taller toddlers, and works for kids ages 2 to 5.

Tauki 10 Inch Kids Tricycle | Tricycle With Back Carrier

Tauki 10 Inch Kids TricycleEditor Ratings :

A nice option for smaller toddlers and those who need extra help learning to ride is the Tauki 10 Inch tricycle.

It features a long handle at the back so you can push your child along in the early stages.

Once he starts to build confidence, use the handle to guide your 2 year old until he’s ready to cycle on his own.

This trike has a fun pattern that will catch kids’ attention, as well as an adjustable seat.

The handlebar is adjustable as well, and the rubber wheels provide excellent traction.

Features at a glance:
  • Available in pink or blue, and each has a fantastic pattern
  • Sturdy rubber wheels with a great grip
  • ​Long push handle for parent guidance
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar for a safe fit and greater riding comfort.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike | 4 In 1 Tricycle Under 100 Dollar 

radio flyer ez fold stroll 'n trikeEditor Ratings:

If you’re very concerned about keeping your child and secure while riding, this Radio Flyer 4-in-1 model will give you peace of mind and is among the best tricycle for 2 year old.

It has a 3-point harness, adjustable seat, and its pedals can be used as footrests.

There are handles in the back that allow you to push your toddler along, or you can use the handles to guide your child as she learns to ride.

This is a tricycle that’s a good choice for smaller toddlers and 2 year old that need help gaining strength to push themselves.

Features at a glance:
  • Cheery bright red color that’s gender neutral
  • ​Removable wraparound tray and 3-point harness for safety
  • ​Adjustable seat
  • Pedals that can be used as footrests when trike is being pushed.

Final Verdict

Teaching your 2 year old to cycle will be an experience that you two will never forget. To make learning to enjoy riding as pleasant as possible, invest in a good trike. The models that I recommended above are outstanding not just for their designs, but for their safety and how well they help young children become good riders.

Once your 2 year old masters these tricycles, he’ll be able to go on to two-wheel bikes with ease. Try one of these models, and see for yourself what a difference a quality tricycle can make when teaching your 2 year old to ride.

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